Petr Chromčák (b. 2002, Vsetín, Czech Republic) currently studies film editing at Film and TV Faculty Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. He has been involved in filmmaking since his studies at high school “Creative Hill College” in Zlín, where he gained experience in various professional fields, especially in production. He most frequently collaborates with his partner Radek Ševčík on short films and intermedia installations. Together they participated in Taiwan Pitch film accelerator thanks to which they could film short non-fiction Inner Need of Karaoke. As an editor or dramaturge, he also works with other directors. He is interested mainly in non-fiction cinema. During the time of COVID-19 quarantine, he organized a small online Quarantine Film Festival, thus provoking creativity even under these adverse conditions. In the future, he aims to explore the area of film education.