A Sea to Remember


original title: Pohádka o cestě k moři / 2024 / 4K / 10 min / Slovensko

director: Radek Ševčík

dop, editor: Petr Chromčák

sound design: Marek Brinzík

music composer: Michal Vasilenko

producer: FTF VŠMU


The ancient Indian folk tale of the sage Narada’s transformation comes to life in the non-fiction fairy tale “A Sea to Remember”. Marked by the experience of his grandmother suffering from an illness that affects memory and perception of reality, the author decided to explore the thin line between reality and illusion. How can a retirement home and virtual reality be related? Can a director also be a prince? Aren’t our memories just an illusion? An immersive film miniature not only encourages contemplation on the uncertain nature of reality, but also invites to an intimate emotional experience using nostalgic home video as well.