Inner Need of Karaoke


2022 / 4K / 9 min / Taiwan, Czech Republic

director, producer: Radek Ševčík

director, producer, editor, dop: Petr Chromčák

sound designer, composer: Pavol Guman

production consultant: Augusto Matte

with the support of Taiwan Pitch, Ministry of Culture Taiwan and Taiwan+


Director’s summer memoir. His personal dreamy short offers viewers an original insight into the Taiwanese karaoke culture, which has been making locals happy for generations. The viewer has the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of Jiantan Mountain, where the ancient meets the mundane, the natural meets the civilized, and where karaoke is as normal as the blowing of the wind, the sleeping Buddha or the singing of cicadas. The film with elements of traditional karaoke music video as a simple ephemeral impression of Taiwanese poetics and rituals in the context of China’s inherent threat.


40th Kassel Dokfest, Germany

TaiwanPlus version is available now worldwide: