Problems of the Entire World


original title: Problémy úplně celého světa / 2024 / 4k / Slovakia

director: Radek Ševčík

editor: Petr Chromčák

producer: FTF VŠMU

brief info:

Powerlessness of a small human being in context of the huge world is shown in different forms in several parallel stories.

The father lives his daily passive life – making coffee, drinking coffee; cooking lunch, eating lunch. His life, bordered by the fence of his well maintained garden, is constantly interrupted by the never ending flow of news from all over the world. He knows what is happening in the world, but still remains impassive.

His son is enviromental activist. He tries his best to fight for good. Influenced by his friends and partner dilemma, he becomes more and more radical. What else does he have to do to make a difference? As powerless as he is, wouldn’t he regret not bringing a child into the world?

A well-known Slovak meteorologist moderates the weather on TV. However accurate, a forecast is still only a forecast, and the meteorologist, with the responsibility on her back, is thus confronted with constant uncertainty. She sees a real downpour from the window not long after she predicted sunny weather. Turning to God in prayers, she plays the organ in the church. After mass, she goes outside and the warm rays of the sun fall on her face. It was just a shower.

The film is in the stage of development.