Quiet as Growing Plums


original title: Trnky zrají tiše / expected length: 40-70 minutes

screenplay: Radek Ševčík, Petr Chromčák

brief info:

A film about human empathy between two people of different cultures, ages and languages. A young Japanese woman Miyuki finds herself alone in a house in the middle of the Wallachian countryside with the father of her Czech partner Václav, an almost 70-year-old Ota, when Václav disappears. The Japanese Miyuki and the Czech Ota cannot rely on the same language, they are forced to communicate non-verbally, yet they are able to build a friendly, close relationship that is not based on common cultural foundations, but on the simple language of humanity. A poetic Zen poem in which conflict is almost absent and only fleeting emotions bubble up from time to time as strong as the wind.

Film is in the stage of script development.