infinity, boarding now:


Intermedia site-specific installation exhibited as a part of Pokoje únavy (Rooms of Fatigue) at multi-genre festival Jinčí čin, Czech Republic.

original title: nekonečná, nastupovat:

creators: Petr Chromčák & Radek Ševčík


A quiet intimate room permeated by replicated nature. A gentle breeze caressed the visitor’s hair, and the soft mattress together with the armchair allowed him to rest for a while, let time flow freely and watch a soporific audio-visual loop projecting nature outside the windows of a moving train with repetitive clattering sounds. The room led the visitor to an isolated space adapted for his rest. The latter was stimulated with the help of audiovisual techniques and the use of real objects and phenomena. A magical journey by train lying in the middle of nature, where the specific destination is lost. A journey of rest and stillness.