Inside Nature Inside


Intermedia site-specific installation exhibited as a part of art event OBJEKT04 in Otrokovice, Czech Republic.

original title: Hranice nahraditelnosti

creators: Petr Chromčák & Radek Ševčík

Installation of photos, videos, and everyday objects that are substituting nature as we know it. Even partly artificial, nature can make us feel calm and happier. The experience confronts us with questions like: Why can we feel nature when we aren’t in one? What nature is and what it is not?

To allow for these questions, it needs to be clear to the visitors, that we are only emulating nature. To have an idea of what we are doing with them so that they can think about it.

We have used the principles of Japanese garden architecture and Chinese landscapes to intercept nature as well as we can. As for our professional background, we are combining the principles with the filmmaking techniques. We account for the time that the visitors spend inside the exposition and we coordinate their movement tempo. A crucial part of the exposition is the sound which helps us to create the natural atmosphere.